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The more an artist attempts a truthful reflection of the human condition the more conflicts and paradoxes will appear in their work, that’s why the music of El-Morabba is euphoric and deliciously dark; it fills you with an acute sense of elation while the lyrics crash down on you with their intense reality and truth.
It is rebellious music that lends a voice to the thoughts, concerns and anger of the people towards the reality they are living today, yet most of all it lends a voice to a dream that is dormant within us all, nudges it sometimes, or shocks the hell out of it onto the surface in other instances of pure intensity. All of this is translated through music that is uniquely structured; the rhythm, while always holding a firm base of ergonomic structure with the simple yet efficient heartbeat of the bass, it manages to float within it’s own spheres alongside the heavily transformed guitar expressions like two astronauts floating individually away, or towards their shuttle, winking at each other in the realization that they will always reach their destination simultaneously because they’d timed it that way, and they’d done it a billion times before.
And during this dance of rhythm and atmosphere between the drums, percussion and guitar, the vocals of either Muhammad Abdullah or Tareq Abu Kwaik floats massively on the surface giving purpose and clarity to a dreamlike state without awakening the listeners, they come with the intensity of words half sung or half spoken, sweet and sour melodies doubled by indistinguishable screams of ecstasy and anguish.
The combination defies definition, yet is awash with purpose, it is also uniquely vulnerable and holistic, very human.


released July 5, 2012

el morabba3 ( The Square ) :

Dirar Shawagfeh (Drums, arrangement)
Muhammad Abdullah (Bass, Song writer, Vocals, arrangement)
Odai Shawagfeh (Electric guitar, Midi effects, arrangement)
Tareq Abu Kwaik a.k.a El Far3i (Song writer, Vocals, arrangement and percussion
More About El Far3i : elfar3i.bandcamp.com

Produced by : el morabba3 and Dave Scott

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el morabba3 Jordan

el morabba3 to us is the window in which we see things we want to express...being from a region that had seen alot of occupation (still does) you can imagine what we see .

المربّع هو نافذة نرى من خلالها أشياء نريد التعبير عنها..يمكنكم التخيّل ماذا نرى في هذا الجزء من العالم..
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Track Name: Asheek
كلمات الأغنية
تلبست فيك على أرض بتعطيني و بتعطيك
مرسوم عليك على وجهك في أجندة بتشكّل فيك
مكشوف مين أكل حصتين و مين انبلى بالدين
معروف من وين التمويل و اللي استفاد بالضبط مين

سيبك منهم...سيبك مني...ليش بتغطي الشمس

فايتين ع الشّيك عالمواعيد بالتحديد
مش فايتين بالحظ هاد مش خطأ بالنص يا محمود
فايتين نصيد في عرض البحر مش في الخليج
مش فايتين نحييك خلصت بكفي تعد السنين يا محمود

وانتشرالحكي و اجتمعنا عكسك و عكس التيار
والتيار لو عنيف رح يتلاشى و تتلاشى

Lyrics in English
On the Fence

I'm tied to you on a land that gives to me and gives to you
It is drawn on you, on your face, in the agenda that formed in you
It has been discovered who ate two portions and who drowned in debt
It is known from where the funding comes and exactly who benefited

Forget about them... forget about me... why do you cover the sun?

We came to the fence at the exact appointment
We did not come with luck, this is not a mistake in the text, Mahmoud
We came to fish in the middle of the sea, not in the Gulf
We are not saluting you, that's it, that's enough of counting the years, Mahmoud

And the talk spread and we met against you and against the current
And if the current is violent, then it will fade and you will fade
Track Name: Ma Indak Khabar
كلمات الأغنية
والموج يجيبك ويوديك وانت ما تتخذ قرار
وانا أنتظرك تتحرك وانت ساكن مثل الحجر
استنيت..استنيت ولا انت داري بحالي
واللوم..واللوم ياكل من عقلي

والغاز تغلّى و تخصخص وانت ما عندك خبر
والقدس اتحرّر و اتطهّر وانت بعدك تعبد بالنار
أنا في واد وانت في واد والسّد اللي بيني و بينك عالي
Lyrics in English
You Had not heard!

And the wave brings you and returns you, and you do not make a decision
And I am waiting for you to move, and you are frozen like a stone
I waited... I waited, and you know nothing about my situation now
And the blame... and the blame eat from my mind

And the gas prices raised and was privatized, and you have no idea
Jerusalem [Al-Quds] was liberated and purified, and you still worship fire
I am in a valley and you are in a valley, and the dam between you and me is high
And the blame...
Track Name: Taht Elard (ft. El Far3i)
كلمات الأغنية
ما تقوليلي ..تحت الأرض..إلي أسبوعين واقف على الأرض ..عم بحكي و بشكي ..مصافي و قوانين طاقة و علوم ..ما
تطلعي فوق..عالم مجنون..عم بحفر..نازلّك عم بحفر..في عالم عم تؤمن و عالم عم تكفر..و كلهم هون ..بشوفهم كل يوم إشي بيكره حاله و إشي بيكرهني..أنا بس لو سيّارة لبعيد تاخدني..طب تكسي! يوقّفلي..طب ضلّك ..ضل رايح..لبعيد ..نيّاله!.. أو الله إيعينه على حاله.. تلاقيه من كل نمرة طلعتله قرفان....

تحت الأرض خلّيكي..بركان بيتغزّل فيكي..خلّي الجذور تحميكي..بترجّى فيكي..

مشكلتي أنا بحكي كثير...أنا بحكي كثير..بس بدّي أقلّك قصة أسير..ضل يحفر تيوصل و يهرب ..و بس شاف الشمس كانت عم تغرب..قال الحرية مبيوعة و الناس ما بتوعى..كل واحد سكّين و بيطعن بأصله و كل ما بخف ..في صوت بيندهله...بقلّه تعال!..تع ننسى الأحوال..يابا مافي احتلال..هاي هي الحرية..هذا فرد مي و دبّابة وهمية..عشان يصعب التفسير..عشان يصعب التفسير...

Lyrics in English
Under the ground

Don't tell me... under the ground... I have been standing on the land for two weeks... I'm just talking and complaining... refineries, energy and science laws... don't go above... a crazy world... I am digging..Coming down to meet you ..I am digging... there are people who are believing and people who are becoming non believers...and all of them are here... I see them every day, some of them hate themselves and some of them hate me... if only a car could take me far away... or a taxi!
Please stop for me... or just keep going... far... he is lucky! may God help him... he is probably disgusted from everyone that rode with him today...

Stay under the land... a volcano admires you... let the roots protect you... I am begging you...

My problem is that I talk a lot... I really talk a lot... but I want to tell you a prisoner's story... the prisoner keeps digging until he reaches and escapes... and he finally sees the sun, but it is setting... he says freedom is sold and the people are not aware... everyone is a knife, stabbing his descent, and when that cures... there is a voice calling him... it tells him, "Come!... Come, let's forget the condition... hey man, there is no occupation... this is freedom... this is a water gun and a fake tank..." and the explanation becomes more difficult... and the explanation becomes more difficult ...
Track Name: Tarweej
كلمات الأغنية
من خلف السور تغيب البلاد وبين النهرين يدوي الصوت
من فوق تطول يد الجلاد بالشرق والغرب

وين أثور...وين أثور...وين اللي يغير المشهد
والمسؤول بيتفرّج مثل الحجر ساكن بيعدّ فلوس

من خلف السور تعود البلاد وبين النهرين يمتد النور
ومن نفس الأرض يعود الحق، من نفس الناس

وين أثور...وين أثور...وييجي اللي يغير المشهد
والمسؤول يترمّج ويصحى العقل الغافل و تقوم الشعوب

من خلف السور تعود البلاد من نفس الأرض يعود الحق من نفس الناس
ومن بين النهرين يمتدّ النور و ينهدّ السور و يعود الحق من نفس الناس لنفس الناس

Lyrics in English

The absence of countries is behind the wall, and the sound comes from between the two rivers
From above, the executioner's hand extends to the East and West

Where do I rebel?... where do I rebel?... where is the one who could change the scene?
And the responsible one is watching like a stone, frozen to count the money

The countries return from behind the wall and the light spreads between the two rivers
The right returns from the same land, and the same people

Where do I rebel?... where do I rebel?... he comes to change the scene
The responsible one gets promoted, the unwary mind awakens, and the people get up

The countries return from behind the wall, the right returns from the same land, from the same people
And between the two rivers, the light spreads and knocks down the wall, and the right returns from the same people to the same people
Track Name: Ya Zein (ft. El Far3i)
كلمات الأغنية
يا زين ..قلي كل إلي بتخبّيه..و ما بتحكي فيه..يا زين قلي كل الي بتخبّيه و بتخصب فيه!
أنا الي ما أريده تتحكّم فيي...أنا الي ما أريده يتحكّموا فيك..يتحكّموا فينا..يا زين..

هات مقال..عن تركيب جيناتنا..زي ما سمعت..لا تكون تهت عم بحكي تحت..بالفلوجة عرفت؟..تحت بغزة سمعت؟..مش عم بحكي عن الإدمان و حبوب الفاليوم..أما عم بحكي يورانيوم تخصيب..أي تنظير الى نظير وحيد يسمّى يورانيوم منضب ..فوت انضب تحكيش كثير الموضوع انضب..زاح تقرير مكان تقرير الموضوع مصيري..

Lyrics in English
Dear Zain
Dear Zain... tell me all that you have kept inside of you... and that you do not talk about... Dear Zain, tell me all that you have kept inside of you and enriched in it!
What I don't want is that you control me ... What I don't want is that they control you... Or that they control us... dear Zain...

Give me an article... about our genetic composition/structure... as I heard... don't talk a lot, I'm talking ... in Falluja, you know? Underneath Gaza, you heard? I am not just talking about addiction and Valium pills... What I am talking about is enriched uranium... I mean theorizing about the only component/isotope called "Depleted Uranium"... Go inside, don't speak a lot about the subject, go inside... A report covered up the other one, the subject is destiny...
Track Name: Ciqara Qabel Ma Nqoom
كلمات الأغنية
وراك جبال ووراي أشكال من كل الناس و الكل بيحكي ببلاش...
و موتّرني
وراك جبال ووراي كلمات ملهاش ترجمات في أيّ كتاب...
ما حدّش راضي يفسّر اشي

سيجارة قبل ما نقوم نضيع بهالشتات و نردّ ع تعليمات
بتوهمنا بمشروع مش مفيد
بتفلمنا بنص الطريق
بتوعدنا بشرق جديد

صوتك واصلني... حاسّك شايفني

وراك جبال ووراي أشكال من كل الناس و الكل بيحكي ببلاش...
و موتّرني
وراك خريف ووراي الخريف ضاع بالكلمات والصيف ميعاده غريب...
و مش فايقلي
وراك جبال ووراي ستيريوتايبات بتخللي الكل مرتاب...
ما حدّش قادر يصدق اشي

سيجارة قبل ما نقوم نضيع بهالشتات و نصدق اعلانات
بتفلمنا بتوقيع مريب
عشان توهمنا بمشروع مش مفيد
بتوعدنا بشرق جديد

Lyrics In English
A Cigarette Before We Get Up

Mountains are behind you, and behind me are the forms of all of the people, and everyone talks nonsense/in empty words/speaks nothing/says nothing...
And it makes me nervous
Mountains are behind you, and behind me are words that do not have translations in any book...
Nobody wants to explain anything

A cigarette before we get up, become lost in the Diaspora/dispersal and we respond to the instructions
You make us live in a useless project
You lie to us in the middle of the road/path
You promise us a new middle east!

Your voice reaches me... I feel that you are seeing me

Mountains are behind you, and behind me are the forms of all of the people, and everyone talks nonsense/in empty words/speaks nothing/says nothing...
And it makes me nervous
Autumn is behind you, and behind me the autumn is lost in words, and the summer's time is strange...
And I am not with you
Mountains are behind you, and behind me are stereotypes that scare everyone...
Nobody can believe anything

A cigarette before we rise, become lost in the Diaspora and we believe the advertisements
You lie to us with a suspicious signature
Because you make us live in a useless project
You promise us a new east
Track Name: Laykoon (ft. El Far3i)
كلمات الأغنية
ليكون زعلتي..زعلك مش مفهوم..فجأة بلّمتي ..كأنك درس تعلّمتي..
ليكون اندمت..ندمك مش مدروس..انت الي اخترت..انت الي احترت..
ليكون ما فهمت..اللعب بالقلوب مفهموم ..ليالي ما بتشكي..و نهارك بيبكي..على
ليكون ..هاي ضحكة..غلب عليك النوم ..و بغيري ما حلمت..من شرّي ما سلمت!

و انا من اليوم..رح أصير ألوم..و يكون من المعلوم أنا مثلك مجنون..
ليكون تذكّرت..كيف أول مرة العيون قالت كل شيء..ما احتجنا نحكي..

Lyrics in English
Could it be?
Could it be that I angered you?... Your anger is not understood... suddenly your face changed to anger... as if you learned a lesson...
Could it be that you feel regret?!... your remorse is not thoughtful... you are the one who chose ... you are the one who was confused...
Could it be that you did not understand... playing with hearts is very understood... nightly/nights passed and you did not complain... and your morning cries... it may be... this is a laugh... sleep overcame you... and you dreamt of no other but me... you were not saved from my evil!

And I am, from today... I will begin blaming... and let it be known that I am crazy like you
Do you remember... How the first time, the eyes said everything... We did not need to talk...
Track Name: Aghanneek
كلمات الأغنية
وانا أغنيك لأرضيك و ما ارضيت و ما اطريت
وانا أغنيك وافتي فيك و أشكّك كل حرّ فيك
وانا أغنيك قول ملغوم ، لأ مفهوم مش حكي مجنون
كلامي اجا مش مدهون بس يهون قول مجنون

وانا أغنيك........وانت السمّيع.....

وانا أغنيك لحن مكتوب الك و مألوف بس مش مسروق
وانا أغنيك صوت مشهور صوت جمهور صوت مش مكتوم
كلامي اجا مش مدعوم بس يهون قول مجنون

وانا أغنيك........وانت السمّيع....

بس رح تنساني و لو تنساني، غيرك بلاوي تعيد ورايي
غيرك بلاوي تسأل سؤالي وتردد جوابي و تصرخ بدالي

Lyrics in English
I Sing to You

And I sing to you to please you, but you were not pleased and you did not applaud
And I sing to you about your beauty, and I doubt all of the freedom in you
And I sing to you a hidden saying, yet understood, this is not crazy talk
My speaking came unsupported but that's fine! say that I am crazy

And I sing to you...and you are hearing...

And I sing to you a written song for you, it is familiar but not stolen
And I sing to you a famous voice, a public voice, but not concealed/hidden
My speaking came unsupported but it that's fine, say that I am crazy

And I sing for you...and you are hearing...

But you will forget me and if you forget me, many other ones repeat after me
There are many after me who will ask my question, and repeat my answer, and shout instead of me
Track Name: Hada Tani (ft. El Far3i)
كلمات الأغنية
بدك إنسان..مرتاح من الهم..بدك إنسان مرتاح كثير..ما بدك بيت بدك قصر كبير..عنوانه بعيد عن قلب فقير..بدك أخبار كل
المشاهير..ما بدك أخبار الشارع و الجماهير..

بدك هالعيشة ما الناس بتموت ..سيارة كبيرة و الكل مبسوط..بشارع بيت أهلك السيارة ما بتفوت..حتسوقي لوين جنب الحدود...السّيارة ما بتفوت...
ولا أقلك روحي..لا تشوفي شر عند حدى ثاني...

بدك إنسان عايش على النسيان...بدك نسيان ولا بدّك الإنسان؟!

Lyrics in English
Someone Else

You want a person... comfortable from worry... you want very comfortable people... you don't want a house, you want a big castle... its address is far from the poor's heart... you want all of the celebrities' news... you do not want the news of the street and the masses...

You want this life, people are dying... a big car and everybody is happy... on the street of your family home, the car does not fit to enter ... To where will you drive, next to the borders... the car does not enter!
Or I tell you, "Go... I hope you no evil?"...and go to someone else!

You want people living in oblivion
Do you want oblivion, or do you want the people?!